Frequently Ask Questions

Your products will be shipped between one and five days from the time you check out from your cart. You will then received the item(s) at your door in 1 - 7 days from the time you check out from your cart. Every product at Sports4Sure has an approximate delivery time with details found in the product description. Also we offer FREE shipping on all orders.

You can contact us for a FULL REFUND providing you notify to us within 14 days from the time the item(s) arrived at your door. We at Sports4Sure prefer you to take a photo of the item(s) and email to: to show us what went wrong.  YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK IN FULL OR OFFERED AN EXCHANGE. 

Yes. You can cancel your order anytime if the item(s) did not arrive within the time scale mentioned in the product description. It may be the case that products are dispatched before we receive a cancellation request. If the item(s) arrive at your doorstep after you have cancelled please enjoy it, donate it or recycle it. The return policy comes into effect meaning you will get a FULL REFUND OR OFFERED AN EXCHANGE.

If the order was not exactly what you wanted for example: the item is the wrong colour, wrong size or defected or anything else that's not right with the product. Please inform us and you will get a FULL REFUND OR OFFERED AN EXCHANGE.

YES. We do offer exchanges. If the product does not match or meet the standards you expected please let us know according to the Refunds & Returns Policy outlined above and we will get a new item to you.