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About Us

Sports4Sure prides itself on excellence, quality and value.

Powered by one of if not the most efficient e-commerce site in the world (Shopify) provides us with unlimited inventory to the highest standards. This means honouring you our customers during your search for top quality goods which include FREE shipping on all orders.

Now a little bit more about me.

Having served several years in the travel and retail industry, from booking all of your important trips to selling quality sportswear has created within me a passion to use that experience serving you. I will provide you with some of the finest products and services available. 

My interest in sport came about from my early years be it when I was in secondary school. I was good at sports. Athletics in particular. I enjoyed short distance running. The 100 metres sprint and 800 metres were my favourite. During a sports day event I remember winning the 100 meters sprint, 4 x 100 metres relay completing the race as the 4th runner to take the baton and cross the finish line meant the whole team came 1st. Also I came 1st in the long jump.

From athletics to football. My coach would make me play in the left forward position because being right footed I would tend to take the ball out wide and strike it with my right foot.

From Football to swimming. I will never forget the moment I swam 100 metres non-stop. 5 x 20 metre lengths back to back was very tiring but I kept going. It was an emotional moment collecting my certificate from my swim teacher.

For this reason I continue playing sport and remain active mainly to take care of my health. In doing so I encourage other people to do likewise. My blog is under development and will have more information about my daily fitness plan.

Also I volunteer at Neighbours Paper as a Sports Reporter. The magazine is FREE for the residents of the London Borough of Ealing and comes out every 3 months. 

On top of that, it was a pleasure being able to volunteer at two of the world’s greatest sporting events. 1st as a games maker during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The 2nd was during the 2013 European Club Football final, the Champions League. Assisting people by providing a high level of customer service was very rewarding.

Aegon Tennis Tournament 2015, Manchester and Extreme Sailing Series 2017, Cardiff were other sporting events I was able to lend a hand as a volunteer providing exceptional customer service supporting guests. Numerous other sports events involving fundraising for charities I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of and what a great opportunity to use sport in a positive way to promote good in the community.

In recent times I’ve completed BTEC, C&G, NVQ and QCF courses achieving certifications and qualifications in certain fields from Business Administration, Leadership, Health & Nutrition (Very much sports related) and Diversity & Equality. This has led to work in environments around marketing and  spectator safety involving sports, travel and other industries.

Extremely grateful for those opportunities and to continue being a part of sport by launching Sports4Sure. 


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  Michael Holmes, Founder & Store Owner at Sports4Sure