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Weight Lifting Gym Hand Grips Palm Padded Gloves

6 mm Neoprene Rubber for Palm Pad
Wrist Support Straps
Fits Wrist Size from 5.4 Inches to 8.8 Inches
2 in 1, Wrist Wrap Brace & Palm Pad Glove
Multi-function use in Gym & Training
Palm Pad Gives Friction to Hold Bar
Padded Wrist Wrap provides brace for Wrist
Adjustable Velcro Attachment with buckle
Power Lift Heavy Weights with Ease
Designed for Professional Gym Workout
for Wrist & Palm Protection
High Resistance Pad around bar
Strong Nylon Stitching Thread

Our Wrist Wraps Palm Pad Glove is Power Lifting, Pull ups, Body Building Exercise, Cross Fit, Dead Lift, Back Squats, Burpee, Dumbbell Press, Pull ups and similar Gym Workout. These Finger less Gloves with Wrist Straps are best hand brace and act as anti slip, anti sprain & anti strain. A must for your daily Fitness Gym Activities.


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